Help your students discover new opportunities and improve your employment rate

Onboard your students, communicate with them structurally even after the graduation, measure their progress and help them find a job super fast.

Most universities have an employment rate between 50-60%. Loopcv can add a +20% super fast.

The goal of every university is to create graduates that can become highly employable and can find a job as fast as possible. Loopcv is the only platform in the market that improves the employment rate of a university using Machine Learning and automation.

Using Loopcv for Universities, a university can onboard its students, manage their job search, and get important statistics such as the employment rate, the average number of days it takes to get a job as a graduate of the university and much more!

Here is how Loopcv for Universities works

  1. Invite or import all your students
  2. Manage your students' job searches and check what kind of jobs they like
  3. Receive important statistics that help your university grow
  4. Help your students book more interviews and improve their job search

Check out our features:

Monitor the job search progress of your students in a singe dashboard

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Add your new students and manage their progress

Check the details of every student and streamline the post graduation collaboration

more info about jobs in a loop
loop statistics loopcv

Find out what your students like and analyze statistics about their job search