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How LoopCV works in 3 simple steps

The process of finding a job is complicated and time-consuming. Hundreds of tools, a lot of copy-pasting. We have designed a unique process to allow anyone get a job faster with minimum effort.

Create your profile and upload your CV
Select your desired job titles, locations and many other optional settings
LoopCV will search for jobs and either apply on your behalf or give you total control of your applications

Auto apply to jobs

LoopCV collects new job postings every day, searching for jobs in your desired locations and automatically applies on your behalf. If you don't want to apply automatically you can check the jobs manually and apply with one click!

Auto email to Recruiters

We automatically find the email of the recruiter in a company sending a personalised email. You can select an email template from our predefined set or create your own from scratch. LoopCV will use this email to contact companies trying to hire people like you!

Measure and improve

LoopCV collects statistics such as how many companies opened your email, how many companies replied and which of you CVs got more attention. You can A/B test different CVs, try different keywords and use LoopCV as a tool to optimise your job search


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LoopCV is amazing. I scheduled my first interview 2 days after joining the platform. Highly recommended for junior job seekers like me.

Carlos Linder
I was looking for a job over 1 month! I discovered LoopCV recently and I was able schedule 4 interviews in the first week of using the product.
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Maria Stavrou
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It is so amazing how LoopCV sends emails every day to companies. Thanks a lot for making this tool.

Jenie Ericson
Super cool product. I don't have a lot of time applying for jobs, and LoopCV helps me find relevant jobs and stay in touch with companies hiring.
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Sergio de Paula

People employed at some of the most successful companies in the world found a job through LoopCV

Just a few quick steps

Create your loops easily and quickly

Add your desired job titles and locations. LoopCV will search accross multiple platforms to find job related to your preferences

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All your job searches in one place

Check statistics for your searches (loops)

With advanced filters, keyword search, company exclusion and much more, LoopCV gives you the opportunity to automaticaly apply only to jobs that you really like

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All your job searches in one place

View the details and statistics of each loop

Every time we apply to jobs on your behalf we use your CV! We either send emails to companies, or auto-fill job application forms. Start sending your CV to hundreds of companies hiring