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Which are the best email templates (formats, or examples) for sending resumes and cover letters to a company offering your dream job opportunity? Loopcv collects new job opportunities and creates fully personalised emails. No effort required.

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Use variables to create fully personalised emails with our free automated job application templates, approaching every company with a different email

Approaching every company with a different email.

Find below a response a job applicant and user of one of our free email templates received recently :)

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How email templates can help you get closer to your dream job

  1. Using our pre-made and tested templates you start getting responses from companies
  2. You can send fully personalised emails using our email variables like {{ this }}
  3. In our dashboard your can track email open ratio, and optimize your emails
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Loopcv collects jobs and finds the email of the company automatically. Then using your own email template for a specific job search, Loopcv sends your email and your CV attached.

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Keep track of all the important KPIs in your organization across departments, employees, projects, and campaigns.

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Using Loopcv you can fully optimize your writing, testing various email templates and A/B testing them.

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