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Loopcv offers the most advanced job search analytics to help you optimize your job search and find a job faster

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Loopcv offers advanced job search analytics

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  1. Using our Loop statistics you can see all the important issues that causing a low rating of your CV
  2. Loopcv uses a data-driven approach to help you optimize your CV and get a high CV rating by companies
  3. In our dashboard your can find all the important fixes and start improving your CV
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Job search performance statistics

Loopcv identifies the critical issues of your CV that give low rating in the ATS systems that companies use and it gives you feedback on how to fix those issues. Doing so, everyday you become more competitive.

Data-driven optimizations

With Loopcv you have a way to measure and improve your job search. Every day you get updated stats and recommendations for your next steps.

Upgrade your CV

95% of the companies hiring online, use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to evaluate and prioritise interviews with people with the best CVs. With Loopcv you combine daily applications and CV optimization with fresh data every day.

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