How can I stop sending emails?

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A lot of our users already have interviews with companies and they prefer to pause their Loops for a couple of days, prepare for their interviews and decide later if they want to accept an offer or start the Loop again.

There are 2 ways to stop sending emails or applications:

1) The first way is to completely disable all the emails and applications from the toogle button on the top right of the tab "My loops"

2) The second way is to disable only one Loop (applies in cases where you prefer to have some of your Loops still searching for a job).

To do that you can go in "My Loops", and then click "Edit Loop". Once you are in your Loop you can click Next (7 times) until you find the screen with the title "More Settings".
There you will find two switch buttons.

The first one will stop the automated emails
The second one will stop the automated applications