What is a Loop?

Find below all you need to know about Loops

The first thing that you will learn in our platform is that we call a "Loop" a single job search.
The reason why we call it a Loop, is because the whole principle of LoopCV is that it works automatically on repeated cycles.

Which means that we collect jobs automatically every 2 hours for your specified job title and location. We call this process "Looping" (which might contain more than one LoopCV that you have defined in your dashboard) and the single job search that we perform a single "Loop".

A Loop starts when we search a platform and ends when we apply to all the positions that match your profile.
If the "automated email and application" selections are enabled in your Loop (as you can see in the image below) we will repeat the fully automated process of searching for relevant opportunities and applying on your behalf (either sending emails to companies or applying directly to the job application forms)

In case you want to manualy apply to jobs the Loop will still run but will not send automatically emails or submit any applications. The Loop will collect jobs, match your profile and will leave the final part to you so that you can select only the companies that you prefer.

As it might be obvious, in this case you have a better control of the process but you also have to spend more time screening and selecting the jobs.

In the background each Loop uses your CV and machine learning to extract valuable information from your CV and find jobs related to your profile preferences and your previous experience.
This ensures that the jobs are of your interest and that the company that will review your CV will find it attractive for this position.

For any actions that LoopCV does, you will be notified through email.