Is there any limit on the number of applications?

Find below all you need to know about Loops

There is no limitation in the number of emails that you can create.
The number of emails your will send or applications that you will submit depends on the pricing plan that you are using.

The Basic plan is free and it offers 10 applications in total (any combination of emails or form submission). The Standard & Premium plans offer Unlimited number of emails of applications.

And here is where most people get confused. So let us explain what we mean with "Unlimited application". LoopCV every day collects jops from multiple platform with a single goal. To find the ones that match your profile before doing any other action.

So let's say that we collect 2000 jobs with the job title that you provide (i.e "Software Engineer") and we find that only 150 out of the 2000 are a good match with your profile. This means that in this case we will only start working with the 150. In an ideal world where your CV is perfect and Unlimited jobs could exist, then LoopCV would be able to send millions of emails.

But for sure that's not the reality. Every day there is an upper limit of jobs posted by companies and there is also a limit on the number of jobs that we believe are related (using our machine learning models) to your profile.