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Loop is a single job search process.
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  • 1 Loop
  • 10 Emails
  • 5 Job matches
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  • 3 Loops
  • 50 Emails / Month
  • 15 Job matches / Loop
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  • 10 Loops
  • 80 emails / Month
  • Unlimited Job matches
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Pricing FAQs

What is a Loop and how do you charge it?

We call a Loop a job search automation which reflects in exactly one job title and location. Each Loop will run daily and try to find a match between your profile and the collected jobs. If we don't find a match we don't send an email. We count only the emails we sent to companies

Do you offer a student discount

Yes we do! Send us an email at from your valid student email address or attaching your own student pass and we will send you your unique promo code getting 20% discount in our Basic and Plus plans

Do you offer a free trial?

Our Starter plan is free and lets you send up to 10 emails per month to jobs that match your profile. If you want to check if this is the right service for you, we recommend signing up to this plan and upgrading once you've tried us out

Are there manual checks before sending automated emails?

In our paid plans, you can choose whether you want to completely automate your job search or check every match that you have manually, and send emails with one click!

Do you charge for getting replies from companies?

No! Your account is linkedin with your personal email. Every time a company will send an email to your loopcv account, you will get an email too.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Anytime! Send us an email at and we our support will help you!