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Seriously, there is no need to spend time to apply for jobs. Create a killing CV and we will send it every day to companies that match your criteria

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What LoopCV offers.

Apply to hundreds of jobs automatically and start getting interviews with our smart tools! Check below the features that make LoopCV stand out!

Create multiple job searches

Create a new automated job search

With LoopCV you can create one or more job searches (loops) that work in the background applying or sending emails to companies every day. You specify your desired job title and you use our email templates (or create a new one) in order to send messages to companies!

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job search
results of your job search

Find all your matches and applications in a single dashboard

For every job search (Loop) you can see all the jobs matched, email templates sent, see more details and go in the job board where we collected the job from

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Find all the important details

Track your progress for each job

Find when you applied automatically for each job, track if the company opened your email, rate your matching to improve your job search and identify all the important details in a single dashboard

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LoopCVmore details for each job
statistics of your job search results
Track your stats

Track all the important metrics and improve your job search

LoopCV uses machine learning to identify all the issues of your CV and recommends the changes that you should do to find more jobs and optimize your job application process

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Keep your job search organized

Organize your job search with the kanban board

With the Loopcv Kanban board you can organize your job search and structurally search for jobs. In this way, every morning you wake up and have a clear view of your job search progress and the companies that are in the different stages. You can also add new jobs from any website or platform out there so that you have one source of truth instead of multiple google sheets and excel files

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LoopCV kanban board