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Popular Jobs tracked by LoopCV

LoopCV scans LinkedIn, Indeed and 30+ other platforms to find the best jobs for your clients

Cyber Security

23k+ Daily Average Job Openings


102k Daily Average Job Openings

Full Stack Developers

480k Daily Average Job Openings


34k Daily Average Job Openings


520k Daily Average Job Openings

Digital Marketing

82k Daily Average Job Openings

Why LoopCV can help your agency?

Match your clients with great opportunities

No more manual screening of jobs. Upload your client's CV and define the keywords. We handle all the rest.

Find new companies hiring

Identify new companies hiring and build connections with our personalised email templates

Improve your clients' CVs

We use a data driven approach to provide CV improvements and tips every day to help you ensure that the CV of your clients will be able to win the ATS (Applicant tracking Systems) every time.

A/B test and optimize

Test which CVs get more replies, test various email templates and optimize the job search of your clients in a data driven way (no more guessing)

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