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Loopcv collects jobs that match your profile and finds the best way to apply. If you don't want to apply automatically you can stiλl evaluate every opportunity and apply with a single click.

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manual job search

Find more details for each job in a single dashboard.

Send an email to a company with a single click.

For more senior profiles

Screen every job and apply with a single click

  1. In a single platform you can find all the important details
  2. You can manually apply with a single click
  3. You can rate the job matches
Inizia oggi

Send emails with one click

Loopcv identifies the emails of the companies and with one click you can apply. If you want to spend some more time checking the job now you can do it with the 2 step process.

Rate your job matches

By rating the job matches you help our matching algorithm find you even better matches

Organize your job search

All the interesting positions from multiple job boards can be saved in our dashboard so that you can evaluate them later

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