Loopcv Careers

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Management & Strategy Consulting Intern

• Do you have communication skills and know how to negotiate?
• Do you love exploring business cases and leading projects?

If the answer is yes, then you will love working at Loopcv, and conducting business analysis for various clients!

Software Engineer - Front End Developer Intern

• Do you like JavaScript?
• Do you know how to create a simple HTML page but you want to upgrade your skills?

Loopcv has great internal projects that you will love! You will learn new frameworks, libraries and more!

Entry Level Growth Hacker

• Do you know how to build a project with hundreds of users from scratch?
• Do you love online marketing and know the answer in the question "sell me this pen"?

This is an amazing experience to upgrade your skills! Contact us to discuss more!

SEO and Marketing Intern

• Create marketing tricks to increase conversions
• Optimize SEO performance!

If you love user analytics, marketing and SEO you are in the right place! Contact us to talk more about this starting point!

Sales Intern

• Upgrade our cold emails pipeline
• Optimize communication with our clients
• Close partnerships and acquire customers

A great starting point for your sales career!

Back-End Developer - Entry/Mid Level

• Integrate our backend Node js systems to our emailing pipeline process
• Contribute to our new backend functions and operations and use CI and testing for our API

Contact us to discuss more!