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We are glad to announce our participation as official Career sponsor to the upcoming Oπe\n 2021 December Conf!

LoopCV is the first platform in the market that completely automates the job search process. LoopCV started from our own desire to get a job without having to spend hours upon hours searching and filling the same information to hundreds of online forms. We built a first solution and we launched it back in 2019. Our first 500 users came from Reddit starting to provide amazing feedback helping us develop our unique solution and improve our product. We have a remote-only culture and we share our passion of making the job search fun for everyone.

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We are offering promo codes for free access to our LoopCV platform to automate your career planning and reduce brain drain in Greece!

Register to Oπe\n conf and receive your own promo code!

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Follow these simple steps:

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Create an account on our system

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Step 2

When you sign in go to profile at the top right of the page and click on pricing plan

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Select your desired plan

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Enter your promo code

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You are ready to start using Loopcv for free

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