Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer.

How can I automate
my job hunting process?

Let's face it. A lot of times we think to find a job, maybe a better one or completely change path. But we all have 24 hours each day. How to find the time searching for new jobs? Here is where loopcv comes.

You don't have to constantly search for new roles that match your interest. We do that for you. We check every day for new roles so that you don't need to. But we don't do only that. We take action. We send emails that match your style and we attach your cv or any other documents you have.

It's so simple and the results are just amazing.

Can I select some companies
that I don't want to send email?

Sure, you can do it! You can also select other preferences like the location of the job the salary range and more!

We feel that we are a representation of you, so we don't want to do things that you don't like. You set the rules. We follow

I want to receive a confirmation email
with the daily jobs before sent. Is it possible?

Of Course! And there is no need to leave your email client! You just reply to the confirmation email with the companies and roles you like and we take care of the rest.

What happens if a company has
two positions that I have a match?

We never send two emails at the same time for different roles. We want to maximize your potential of getting the job so we apply only in one role at a time.

Also in that case we inform you and you select. You have the control.

What happens if a company
does not provide an email in the job description?

It's your choice! We can apply directly to the job posting with your cv and your information or find the email of the company and send them an email.

In the next version we will also include personalized emails and you could also send an email to a specific person of the company! It is crazy,right?

Can I cancel my membership
if it doesn't work?

Of course. You can cancel any time. We won't even make you click a button that says "I don't want to find a job"

How do you send
emails from my email?

When you subscribe you sign up with your gmail. In this way we can send emails from your email. It is completely secure You can cancel and stop it any time.

How do you find job matches?

It's simple. You specify your desired position and our tools run everyday to find this match.Once we find a match we send the email.

Can you show me
an example email template?

Here is one of our templates! You can customize any template and make it match your style, or you can add your own custom email

What is the A/B testing?

In case where you are not completely sure regarding which email template is the right one to send, you can create an A/B testing.

For example in the 50% of the emails we will send one template, and in the other 50% we will send a different one. In this way we can identify the one that gets more replies from the recruiters.

What type of analytics do I receive
in the weekly report?

• How many emails opened
• For which companies and roles did you applied
• Which template has more views and replies ( in case you run an A/B test)
• What is your score in compare with other similar applicants in our platform

How do you use the latest company's news?

This is a new feature we will very soon release.
In order to make the emails look real, we will add some intelligence in the emails.
Check an example:

I found a very interesting article in your blog with the title {{ BLOG POST TITLE }}. After reading your article, I checked your career page and I found that you have a new role for {{ JOB TITLE }} and I decided to send you an email bla bla bla...

The whole idea is to use something relevant to showcase your interest. We are still trying to find the best way to do that ;)

If you have any good idea send us an email!

What happens if I get the job?

If you find the job you can stop the emails to other companies, or continue sending.
It's your choice again.

I have more questions,
can you help me?

Send us your questions at questions@loopcv.pro
or just press the blue button right here. Just ask.