Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer.

How can I automate
my job hunting process?

Let's face it. A lot of times we think to find a job, maybe a better one or completely change paths. But we all have 24 hours in a day. How do you find the time to search for new jobs? Here is where loopcv comes.

You don't have to constantly search for new roles that match your interest. We do that for you. We check every day for new roles so that you don't need to spend time searching. But we don't do only that. We take action. We send emails that match your style and we attach your CV/Resume or any other documents you have.

It's so simple and the results are just amazing.

What is a Loop?

A loop is a simple tool that automates your job search. It basically, in behalf of you, goes through all the jobs of your interest and emails the companies that you have a match with automatically. You can keep a track of the loops to watch the progress. You can also select other preferences like the location of the job the salary range and more!

How does the Loop really works?

The loop uses your CV/Resume and machine learning to extract valuable information from your CV/Resume and find jobs based on that. This ensures that the jobs are of your interest and that the company that will review your CV/Resume, will find it attractive for this position. Once the emails are sent, you will be notified through the graph on your dashboard.

How many Loops can I create and how many emails are sent from every Loop? Can I upgrade to a paid plan?

In the Free plan you can create 2 Loops and each Loop can send 10 emails per month. If you want to upgrade the features and apply for more jobs, you can opt for two different plans. One has 10 loops and 60 emails per month for each loop and the other has unlimited loops and unlimited emails per loop. You can choose any of them based on your needs.

If I get a job from any Loops that I created, will I have to pay any commission to Loopcv?

No, Loopcv does not charge any commissions if you land a job. In case that you use a paid plan, you just have to pay the monthly subscription fees to get access to the features.

When a company responds to any emails, how will I be notified?

Loopcv creates a unique email for each user after the completion of the signup. We use this to send your personalized email templates to the companies that their job matches with your profile. Once a company reply, we forward the reply to the email that you used to signup ( your gmail, hotmail etc. )

Is it necessary to use a popular email template or can I create my own?

Of course not. You can create your own email template and use them in your Loops. Popular email templates are available to help you create a Loop faster.

Can I see the exact email the Loop is sending to the companies?

Yes! While creating the Loop, at the end, you can ask for a test email. This email will be sent to the email address you will select and this is exactly what will be sent to the companies. For this test email we suppose that you found a job at indeed.com in Siemens, just to showcase the way that the variables will be transformed into specific job details.

Can I view the details of the jobs which are being selected for me by automation?

Absolutely. In ‘My Loops’ section, you can click on any of your Loops and view the details of every job tracked by the Loop. You can also read full job descriptions and have access to their website.

What is the matching score?

The matching score is a relationship between your CV/Resume and a specific job. Loopcv uses machine learning and AI to extract information from your CV/Resume and compare it to the job. And then it generates a matching score, which tells you how capable are you (based on your CV/Resume) for this specific job.

How can I change my dashboard theme from dark to light?

You can change your theme from ‘user profile’ tab. Your preferences will be saved once you press the ‘save’ button.

How can I disable/stop sending emails?

In ‘my loops’ tab you will find on the top right a switch to enable and disable all your Loops. In the current version there is no way to disable some of the loops.

What is a variable in a email template?

Variables ( for example {{COMPANY_NAME}} ) are ways to insert information about the specific job in your email template. In this way the email is personalized for each specific job posting. In the current versions the available variables are:







You can use those variables in any place inside your email.

What happens if a company has
two positions that I have a match?

We never send two emails at the same time for different roles. We want to maximize your potential of getting the job so we apply only in one role at a time.

Also in that case we inform you and you select. You have the control.

Can I cancel my membership
if it doesn't work?

Of course. You can cancel any time. We won't even make you click a button that says "I don't want to find a job"

How do you send
emails from my email?

When you subscribe we create a unique email for you, and use it to send emails to each company. Once you have a reply, we forward the email to the email that you used in your signup process.

How do you find job matches?

It's simple. You specify your desired position and our machine learning model run everyday to find a match between a job posting and your profile.Once we find a match we send an email.

How do you use the latest company's news?

This is a new feature we will very soon release.
In order to make the emails look real, we will add some intelligence in the emails.
Check an example:

I found a very interesting article in your blog post {{BLOG_POST_TITLE}}. After reading your article, I checked your career page and I found that you have a new role for {{JOB_TITLE}} and I decided to send you an email blah blah blah...

The whole idea is to use something relevant to showcase your interest. We are still trying to find the best way to do that ;)

If you have any good idea send us an email!

What happens if I get the job?

If you find the job you can stop the emails to other companies, or continue sending.
It's your choice.

I have more questions,
can you help me?

Send us your questions at questions@loopcv.pro
or just press the blue button right here. Just ask.