Loopcv API for Partners & Developers

Get job postings from multiple platforms, match profiles, find emails
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API - Questions

What is the Loopcv Engine?

Loopcv supports a wide variety of actions. From job matching to email discovery, CV parsing, CV rating and a lot more! All these operations are part of our engine, the backend that supports millions of operations and calculations

What is the cost of the API?

There are three pricing tiers for developers:

  • Free: Supports up to 100 api requests per month
  • Medium: Supports up to 1000 api requests per month for 19,90 euro/month
  • Super: Supports up to 100000 api requests per month for 99,90 euro/month

  • For companies, contact us at info@loopcv.pro to create a custom pricing model based on your needs!

    Do you offer a free trial?

    Our free plan offers 100 API requests as a test of our API. If you have any issues trying our API feel free to email us with questions at info@loopcv.pro

    How can I start using the API?

    Contact us to give you access in our API